About the Make it Happen 20K Series

The “Make It Happen 20k Race Series” is a combination of the traditional 5K races of the Oswego County Autism Task Force (OutRun Autism 5K), Oswego Little League 5k, Run For Your Health 5k (Oswego Health Foundatioin), and the Buc Boosters (Go BUCS 5K), into a 20k series.  This "first of it's kind" series in Oswego County is in it's 3rd year and this is your one stop shop for all four events supporting four not-for-profit organizations promoting health, wellness, and community in our area.   


Let's Make It Happen in 2020!!!!


Are you ready to Make It Happen in 2020??????

 Participants will compete in all four individual events with an overall race series winner.  The overall winners in both running and walking categories will be based on age group divisions and race time results from all four events combined.  The series will include both runners and walkers prize categories at the conclusion of each race.  So if you aren't a runner consider signing up for the races and participate in the walking 20k series!  Upon completion of all 4 events, each participant will receive a Make It Happen custom outerwear!

The Race Dates are as follow:

5th Annual OutRun Autism 5K Run/Walk will be held on June 6, 2020

6th Annual Oswego Little League 5K Run/Walk will be held on June 21, 2020

5th Annual Run for Your Health Run/Walk will be held August 8, 2020

5th Annual Go Bucs Booster Run/Walk will be held October 4th, 2020 

Do you have a problem making one of the race dates??? No problem we are opening up the series to include credit for a virtual run or another 5K race result!  Just bring us your finishing info and we will credit you for that race!!!

Come and support these 4 wonderful organizations and improve your health by either walking or running!  To Make It Happen go to:

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